Our Story

LactationNow, the idea started in 2021 with one thought – “How can we serve more patients that want to breastfeed after they leave the hospital and pediatrician’s office?”

As parents of two daughters (2 under two) we know firsthand how unhelpful hospital & pediatrician resource list can be. How do you know which resource is good? What reviews do they have? Do I have to do all the research myself to find help? Where can I find the best provider? How far are they from where we live?

Does this situation sound familiar?

Additionally, after doing our own research – we found a few of the the top reasons mothers stop breastfeeding early directly from the CDC. Below are a few that LactationNow services will assist with.

• Issues with lactation and latching.

• Concerns about infant nutrition and weight.

• Unsupportive hospital practices and policies.

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My wife and I agreed that creating a solution that is easy to find that can provide trusted IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) help for breastfeeding was the solution – LactationNow was born in 2022.

Source: CDC

Preston Thompson, FOUNDER

“I am lucky enough to be married to a registered nurse and IBCLC. I have seen
firsthand with our own kids how impactful breastfeeding is for the overall health of mom and baby.

Lactation, more commonly known as breastfeeding lacks the support it deserves. LactationNow will fill the need gap by providing more access to trusted IBCLCs. No mother who wants to or needs help breastfeeding should have trouble finding it. Lactation support is vital for both mother and baby to thrive.”

My name is Preston Thompson. I have an extensive background in medical sales to include various roles that put me in hospitals and private practices. I enjoy being a part of the equation when it comes to patients and providers. LactationNow will allow me to step into that role even further as the founder. 
When I’m not working – I am a husband and father of two daughters that enjoys travel, golf, and a new challenge.

Leana Thompson, CLO
(Chief Lactation Officer)

“I have been an RN and an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) for a number of years. My passion is to help mothers reach their breastfeeding goals. I have helped numerous mothers through my own experience in the hospital setting and owning my own private practice. Breastfeeding is a huge part of motherhood. I am so excited to partner with my husband on LactationNow. We are so motivated to help make your breastfeeding journey one to remember.”

Hi! I am Leana Thompson. I am an RN, BSN, IBCLC. I am so excited to bring LactationNow to life. I currently own and run my lactation business in Arizona. Throughout my experience both in the hospital and private practice settings – I know how impact LactationNow will be for patients and providers. Our approach is unique in the sense that we can serve patients directly AND partner with pediatrician offices as a support service. 
Outside of work – I am a wife and mother of two daughters. I enjoy spending time with my family traveling, trying new restaurants, and relaxing by the pool (when I rarely have time!).

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