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I’m very thankful for Leana and her breastfeeding expertise! I was only a few days away from my little one being born and the information that she provided was invaluable and made me feel so much more comfortable with the upcoming process and what to expect. I truly appreciated her willingness and availability to consult with me, especially from all the way across the country!


I am so thankful for Leana and her help. As a new mom, I was ready to give up on breastfeeding due to the demands both physically and mentally. My baby was not getting a great latch every feed and I could not understand why. With Leana’s help, she was able to assess my sweet baby and notice she had a tongue tie which was affecting her ability to latch. She was able to recommend a specialist for a tongue tie procedure. Since then, my breast feeding journey has been so enjoyable. I highly recommend Leana if you are needing help with breastfeeding


Leana helped me so much in one visit. She sat next to me and made sure my son’s mouth position was right and watched him latch on. She helped me with a few positions so I was able to continue nursing him and I didn’t have the pain. She is so genuine and really caring about my situation and I can tell she has a passion about it and is very knowledgeable. It’s hard to find someone like that.


I reached out to Leana when I was struggling with breastfeeding after having to supplement. She was able to come out the very next day after I submitted a request to meet with her. She was warm and friendly and put me immediately at ease. She helped me gain confidence in my breast feeding ability and gave me numerous options of different things I could try and I'm confident that I will get to where I want to be with breastfeeding.


I only have good things to say about Leana. I reached out to her about concerns I was having with my daughter in regards to her shallow latch. I could honestly say she was my saving grace. As a first time mom with breastfeeding issues, I was desperate for some help. My daughter had a tongue tie and was latching on poorly. I was using incorrect flange sizes and I was doing constant damage to my nipples. Leana was able to help me even all the way in Arizona! Leana was available for me via text and social media. I was able to send her pictures and videos and chat with her. She gave me TONS of resources and always pushing info my way which was great because I was really able to learn more about breastfeeding. I never felt dumb or embarrassed when asking a question. Leana is an amazing lactation consultant and again as I said before she was my saving grace during my breastfeeding journey. I was ready to give up she really helped me turn a corner... even from miles away. Thank you Leana!


As a first time mom, one of my biggest goals was to have a positive breast feeding experience. Leana has been a huge part of getting my baby and I off to a good start on our journey. I am so grateful to have her and The Milk Club as a resource and support system. She not only was able to help trouble shoot a couple things with me, but made me feel 100 times more confident after talking through my worries. Thank you so much Leana!


Even though I had breastfed my older daughter, years had gone by and every baby is different! I reached out to Leana when my baby was 5 days old due to latch problems and pain. She immediately responded and was able to come to my house that day. As a mom that is sleep deprived and desperate for help, having the response so quick was amazing. After our session, I felt so much more confidant, was able to resolve all my pain issues and latch, and I felt so much better in my plan to breastfeed


Leana was extremely helpful in the first months after we had our first daughter Olivia. Who knew breastfeeding was going to be so difficult? After much frustration, many tears (baby’s and mine), and so much added stress with breastfeeding we had Leana come by the house and immediately she was able to help us feel better, walk us through super important tips and even noticed potential tongue tie issues that we were able to take care of early on. She followed up multiple times and was constantly in touch with us for any questions we had. Olivia ended up needing a tongue tie procedure and work from chiropractor but sure enough a few months later and with lots of guidance and help from Leana we were able to avoid having to give formula and Olivia has been solely breastfeed her whole life so far! This would never have been possible without Leana. Also Leana invites you to a local breastfeeding support group that she puts together that are amazing also and provide you with a great community of support. Don’t stress and suffer alone. Please reach out to Leana and get help so you can spend your time enjoying your baby rather than being upset!

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